How Student identify Geometrical Concepts at various grade levels?

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Math Geometry is the wealth of various disciplines like engineering, physics, design, architecture and lot more. Geometry being one of the important branches of Math is not as tough as Algebra, trigonometry or Calculus; however, it keeps students on their toes when questions are tricky. Parents should take measures especially on how the Math Geometry is taught right from elementary level.

It is not that the student starts learning Geometry in high school but it starts right from elementary stage.

Understanding Geometry at First grade:

You can expect preschool or first grade kids understanding the Geometry of visualizing shapes. Children start recognizing geometrical figures based on the appearance. However, they are unable to understand shapes properties. They recognize and learn the names of shapes few shapes like square, triangles, circle, diamond, and so on. 

Understanding Geometry during Elementary grade: 

The children of elementary grade can investigate geometry shapes in a descriptive and analytical way. Now they become mature to identify shapes properties and recognize shapes by properties. They do not rely on just visualizing shapes. They learn to draw shapes using ruler, protractor and compass. They even recognize the relation between the shapes like dividing square makes two rectangles and dividing circle in two makes two semicircles. The students of 2nd- 5th grade recognizes that rectangle has four corners and rotating on corners remains rectangle. They understand the concept of parallel lines and how it forms Parallelogram.

Understanding Geometry during 6th-8th grade:

If student goes well through elementary level Geometry then he proceeds with the next level of relational or abstract level understanding. The student can form abstract definitions, identify necessary and sufficient conditions to learn concepts and state the reasoning to understand the relation between various shapes. They can get ready to work with high school geometry by giving formal proofs and reasoning.

The student can get through each stage of learning Geometry with the right kind of teaching. Tutors should include asking for justification with asking more “Why” questions. There should be some extra help and practice work emphasizes geometrical concepts. Online Math tutoring is the best way to complement school work. Maths online tutors make students learn the subject with lots of hands-on activities like drawing the figures, working with manipulative, fun filled games, quizzes, shape twisters and more. Geometry is related to Arithmetic like shape is related to area and perimeters. Math tutor online has an extra responsibility of not only developing the skill of thinking Geometry but memorizing definitions and formulas to calculate area, volume and perimeter. 

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How Student identify Geometrical Concepts at various grade levels?

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How Student identify Geometrical Concepts at various grade levels?

This article was published on 2013/02/16